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Why is it so Expensive

to Advertise on the Internet?

Tired of Internet  bidding wars

Tired of competing against the
Fortune 500?

Are you still putting quarters, dollars , and even more into the Internet one arm bandits?

Take a deep breath.

You can stop now.

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Why is it so inexpensive to advertise on this site?

Everywhere I look advertising is very expensive.  except on the "free search engines. " But, since it's almost impossible to get anywhere near the top, what good does it do - no-one can find me there anyway?

You are absolutely right about the Free Search Engines. You get what you pay for. 

On the other hand paid internet advertising can be very expensive and it's getting worse by the moment. The Internet has been hijacked by big money and heavy competition. Unfortunately, commercialism of the Internet is here to stay but you don't need to pay 100's of dollars per month or per day to compete. 

Internet advertising on our sites is inexpensive because we chose to make it that way. We use the co-operative advertising model to bring business to your door. We are all over the internet including Google, Yahoos, MSN AOL and most other major search engines and receive millions of page views. We pay the big tab for you so you don't have to. We are also linked with local website. Locals are also frequently tapping into our websites because they get local information as well as national and international advertisers to choose from.

Our advertising start as low as $24.00 per year for a basic county listing which includes a link to your website and your email as well as advertising copy.

We have many advertising opportunities available on our site from banners, to display ads and sponsorships that will benefit you and your company even more than basic advertising. We want you to consider these possibilities and consider us as your Internet adverting and marketing source in the future. It's that simple.  We hope that make sense to you. If it does, we will make successful partners.

If you still feel that you should be paying more, and want to get more, then start off with one of our higher level advertising and marketing campaigns such as sponsor advertising or our "top of the page" listings. These programs will get your business seen more often.  Click On "Place your listing here"  on any of our pages or contact us at 707 265-7913 for more details or  Click Here and get started.