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You may see on this site and all of the sites of the San Francisco North Bay the designation WOM Recommendation. What this means is that the advertisers has information posted about their business that you may be interested in before you do business with that company.

 WOM or Word of Mouth is a system whereby you the consumer, having done business with said company, can post your experiences and expressions of satisfaction (or lack there of) about a company within our yellow pages.

WOM is not a review of the company per say because there are no derogatory comments about the business that is ever placed online. The rating section from Very Bad to Superior is however posted and averaged. Overall WOM is a system of good news rather than bad and disappointed or angry information.

REVIEWS: We have toyed with the idea of letting consumers place their reviews about companies online and have found reviews wanting in many respects. First, statistically a company will more often get many more bad reviews than good. Reviews are often anger based. When someone is angry or dissatisfied they tend to want to vent and the Internet is a good place for venting since it is quick and easy to do. On the other hand a satisfied customer is happy and often does nothing but go home and enjoy their product and/or the service they  received. They seldom will take the time to place a good review online.  Hence, we see very good businesses getting slammed by a few people who may have been angry for whatever reason,  valid or not.  This gives the consumer a very skewed view  of the business and sometimes  a consumer simply avoids it because of what they have read online about them.

Are you happy with a company you have done business with? Why not let others know about your happy experience. Simply fill out the form below. 
Get more details about word of mouth on the left of the page.

Please give us enough information to identify the company. If we can't identify the business we can not post your recommendation.

Company Name

On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate your experience with this business

1. Very Bad 2 Bad 3 Good 4 Very Good 5 Superior


 Did you remember to include you name and location? Please add it to your recommendation as it make a difference.

Caution: Business Owners:  It may be tempting to fill out this form yourself. Don't do it.   If you fill out the form we will tag your account and no Word of Mouth Recommendations will ever be posted. Get your satisfied customers to recommend you instead.

For office use only: This information will not be posted ont he internet not will it be released to anyone.

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Currently, this is leading to many lawsuits stemming from Internet reviews. One such suit is being brought by a doctor who, having over 300 patients received bad reviews from 2 patients. A survey of this doctors patients by a law firm showed that 247 patients think the doctor does great work and like going to him. 15 patients donít really like the doctor and  38 didnít like or dislike the doctor or didnít answer. The reviews on the Internet however made the doctor appear to not know what he was doing.   

WOM (or Word of Mouth Recommendations) is a different form of  reviewing the competence of a business. Basically, word of mouth has been around for many more years than the Internet and is often more reliable. Before the Internet, you asked a friend or relative or someone you trusted to recommend someone to you that they felt that they trusted with the type of thing you wanted to buy or have done.  It didnít keep you from shopping around but it made a difference in the way you felt about the company or person you wanted to work with. If more than one person recommended  a particular company or product you knew it was probably good.

The WOM system tells you the companies and businesses that others are recommending. The more recommendations WOM  the better your chances of finding a satisfactory experience as an end result.  

You can now recommend or find recommendations for a local company on any of the www.sfnorthbay.com websites including www.MarinCountyGuide.com  for Marin County  www.SonomasBest.com for Sonoma County www.NapaYellowPages.com for Napa County and www.SolanoCountyGuide.com  for Solano County. If it says WOM next to their listing it means there are Word of Mouth Recommendations available for you to read on this business.  


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