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The painting was a Christmas gift from my wife. When I opened it, I was stunned at how a painting could look so lifelike. The painter really captured my dog Snoopy. I will cherish the painting forever. Thanks "

Mark and Jenny

I found an old Polaroid photo of my dad in a box. It was starting to fade but he looked so dashing in it I thought it would make a great portrait.

I ran across Paint Your Life and they said they could turn the old Polaroid into a portrait oil painting for me quickly, easily, and inexpensively and the work would be guaranteed. They said they would let me ask for modifications until I was 100% satisfied!

I decided on a 30 inch x 40 inch portrait which cost me under $300. I was amazed at the price but this made me unsure about the quality and if I would really be happy enough with it to give it to my dad.

I took the chance - after all it was guaranteed. My dad's photo was hand painted by real live artists. It wasn't computer generated. When I received the oil painting I was stunned. The old Polaroid had turned into a perfect portrait - an oil painting - on canvas - of my dad. I couldn't have been happier except for one thing...

When I gave the portrait to my dad he was thrilled to have it and thought it fantastic. Embarrassingly enough he said it must have cost thousands and offered to help me pay for it. You know dads. I didn't accept naturally, and told him it was a gift from me, and no he couldn't help defray any of the cost. I didn't tell him how little it really cost me.

When he hung it up however, I noticed a peculiarity about the painting that I didn't see when I had it up close. The eyes, I noticed were looking at me when I looked at it from one side of the room and then again from the other side. - they seemed to follow me as I walked across the room. I love it!

I don't know how the artist did that or if it happens on all the painting with all the artists but it did with this one. As far as I am concerned this painting is a masterpiece.  

Patricia Montgomery

" My mom was absolutely thrilled when she saw her painting. I ordered a 30x40 oil for her birthday of her and her horse, Sophie, who passed away in May of this year. Sophie was my mom's pride and joy, so when she died, things weren't really the same here. Now Sophie can be seen in all her glory on the mantle above the fireplace. I showed the picture to several friends who loved it and are planning to order portraits of their own horses. I also intend to have a painting done of my horse soon. I'll send a picture of my mom and I with her painting as soon as my dad e-mails it to me. Thanks for helping me give my mom the best birthday present! "
A. French

" To say that I am happy with my oil painting is an understatement... I am absolutely thrilled with the talent of the artist and the quality of the painting! Thank you so much for a beautiful job. I will be a return customer for certain. "
Kelly B

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